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COMING SOON: new website and blog! is down for maintenance. A new website (better suited for video and mobile apps) will be released soon!

About me:

I am a photographer / filmmaker / writer / teacher / learner / explorer. I create photographs and videos for publications and organizations, for myself and others, to connect us to place and community. I am available for hire. Contact me at: bganske[at] or 804.221.8329.

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While is down for maintenance, here is a sampling of commercial work:

blog_org_004 blog_org_003 blog_org_002 blog_org_006 blog_org_023 blog_org_022 blog_org_021 blog_org_019 blog_org_018 blog_org_017 blog_org_010 blog_org_009 blog_org_008 blog_org_012 blog_org_013 blog_org_014 blog_org_015


While is down for maintenance, here is a sampling of documentary stills:

blog_doc_007 blog_doc_005 blog_doc_004 blog_doc_011 blog_doc_012 blog_doc_013 blog_doc_010 blog_doc_009 blog_doc_008 blog_doc_006 blog_doc_002 blog_doc_001 blog_doc_003


While is down for maintenance, here is a sampling of portraits:

blog_portraits_006 blog_portraits_005 blog_portraits_003 blog_portraits_015 blog_portraits_014 blog_portraits_011 blog_portraits_008 blog_portraits_001 blog_portraits_004 blog_portraits_010 blog_portraits_012 blog_portraits_013 blog_portraits_002

















While is down for maintenance, here is a sampling of landscape images:

blog_landscape_010 blog_landscape_009 blog_landscape_008 blog_landscape_007 blog_landscape_002 blog_landscape_005 blog_landscape_012 blog_landscape_003 blog_landscape_006 blog_landscape_001 blog_landscape_004

the weight of summer